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Tax preparer exam study guide

This study guide, along with the exam simulator course, will help you. The IRS recommends you study Form 1040, Form 6251, Form 2848 and their accompanying instructions. Part 3 - Representation, Practices and Procedures We have divided each part of the exam into 3 units ( see Figure 1).

This study guide, along with the exam simulator course, will help you become proficient. The IRS has undergone significant efforts to develop questions based on general tax rules covered in the IRS publications. Exam Fees: $ 150 Value - Yours Free With Enrollment.

Tax preparer exam study guide. And you will feel confident that your Tax Preparation Course, along with the exam study guide, cover everything you will need to know to pass the test and get certified. Armed with your certification, you’ ll be ready to join this growing field. Study the materials listed and linked under “ Study Materials” on the “ Registered Tax Return Preparer Competency Test Information” page on the IRS website. This list is not all encompassing, but a highlight of what test candidates will need to know. Part 2 - Businesses 3. If you have additional questions about certification, give us a call at. See Appendix A for the topics. The Registered Tax Return Preparer ( RTRP) Exam is designed to identify individuals who meet minimum competency to preparer 1040- series tax returns.

IRS Recommended Study Materials for Registered Tax Preparer Competency Test To assist in test preparation, the following is a list of IRS recommended study materials. Guide to Tax Preparer Learning Systems, LLC Study Material The exam consists of three parts: 1. Part 1 - Individuals 2.