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Many of you in all probability realize what kino escalation is although for those of you in which don’ t I’ m going to start out by allowing you a description of kino pua escalation. This is why PUA Japan is different to PUA Australia, PUA USA, PUA Canada, or PUA UK. Kino - kinaesthetics. These shouldn’ t be used in order, they are just ordered in terms of opening to closing. Kino Escalation is the physical escalation of kinesthetics ( kino) with a woman, from the initial touch to sex. Always be aware of the subconscious balance of whose frame in which you are operating.

Final kino steps involves naturally rolling off. These infields tend to have more kino, makeouts, and fast pulls where I am leaving the club with the girl. Searchable PUA Archive upgraded. Pua kino guide.

PUA Lingo does not endorse or support the use of these terms. Kino pua escalation is a quite crucial element of social conversation. Short for kinesthetics, " kino" is PUA language for light. Banner ads, seminars, one- on- one coaching), forums and groups, as well as over a hundred local clubs, known as " lairs". Gently guide her hand across her body, life up, and spin.

60 Minutes of the best content around. Jul 04, · Simple Kino Guide ( self. Here' s a step- by- step guide on how to deflect like a pro. A key thing about kino escalation is that if it is a big deal to you then it becomes a big deal for her. Formal Kino Examples - I won' t hurt you. And Part Four gives you a quick exercise to start practicing kino RIGHT AWAY.
Once you understand how kino touching works, you' ll be able to spark attraction with any woman. This comes from Sinapse, Attraction Japan. If you are in Italy, please go to Seduzione. A free search gateway to the moderated ASF groups on this site and old posts from the public USENet newsgroup alt. Given that telling it' s unparelled understanding, modified additionally today accommodated simply no more than all on your own. How To Photography For Online Dating Guide.

To get the conversation going you deliver an opener. We strive to describe them the best we can based on our understanding of the seduction community’ s uses for them in improving men’ s and women’ s dating lives. That means if you hesitantly take a girl' s hand, both of you will be intensely aware of the contact and it will just be fucking awkward. Note: " Kino" comes from " Kinesthetic" and it means that of a physical feel.
Won’ t know what or why it’ s different. The 8 pick up artist techniques you need to master. Use each technique based. Here is a summary of how Western PUA advice can mess you up in Japan. Seduction) submitted 4 years ago * by Lead Moderator ThrowawayPUA One of the classic PUA systems, 60 Years of Challenge, has a basic technique called " Milking the Intro. When she is comfortable with one level of kino, you can perform a few other routines for a while and then move on to the next level of kino.

You know what this means, when a girl gives you this line; I don’ t have to explain: ) See " Let’ s Just Be Friends" for more details. It' s a term taken from a pick- up artist lingo, and it describes the technique and routines that the pickup artist uses to create attraction and rapport with his potential target for seduction. The community exists through Internet newsletters and weblogs, marketing ( e. Touch Escalation Ladders: The Definitive Guide By Jesse Charger An escalation ladder is basically where you begin with small touches, and increasing get more physical until you kiss the girl. An Easy Guide to Fending Off Pick Up Artists. There are over 175 PUA openers included in the book.

Touch her right away to establish precedence for kino. Kino pua escalation is one of the most crucial elements of sarging. Over 600, 000 PUA articles available & growing daily. LTR - Long Term Relationship. I’ ve had cases where the kind of kino and ambiguity you describe has caused discomfort, or I’ ve got “ accused” of being sexual, or – worst of all – ended up with a big fat LJBF.

You have a lot to learn buddy, and I think it' s pretty ridiculous. The following you' ll regularly come across on this blog. You need to watch her reactions to know when to throw off the kino. A key thing about kino escalation is that if. Mar 12, · Learn how to turn a woman on REALLY fast with these proven kino escalation tips. Always control the Frame, but resist giving the impression that you are.
Fast ( ASF) – a fast seduction strategy resource with pickup techniques & fast seduction strategies. Jun 05, · The 8 pick up artist techniques you need to master. By PUA Training on August 3, Comments: 11. The first step of the game plan is the opening.

You will immediately feel the differences, but. Iron Rule of Tomassi # 1 4: 00 Frame is everything. This is book # 4 of The Seduction Force Multiplier Series. It seems just as what the reality is, coming from an inexperienced teenager.
Most of what you' re writing comes from you reading bs on pua and other sites and has little to no bearing on the real world. Part Three digs into HOW TO kino. Pua escalation questions Sexual escalation is even more important than kinoing. Pua escalation pdf Sparing you the drawn- out details of what KINO is, Ill just make it concise as possible.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach There are many acronyms and terms used in the seduction community, however, just as most Pick- Up Artist, I regularly use a selective amount. Simple Kino Guide ( self. TYPICALLY called pick up artist. These are 5 openers taken from the Little Black Book of Openers. But the “ I’ m not being sexual honest” stance can be risky.

A master in the art picking up babes. Handshake Standing Bow Seated Kneeling Bow Fist Touch or Double Fist Touch ( Boxing) ( Ed. Kino escalation is exactly that. The game is also not about manipulating women.

Discuss it and ask him questions here: Stealth Attraction and sign up so you don' t miss more great videos here: PUA Training. Kino Escalation is simply a touch progression between a man and a woman. Pua kino guide. Escalation guidelines.

You need to watch her reactions to know when to throw off the kino. ” In contrast to kino’ s ironic usage on some social media boards, Kino, with a capital K, is the name of a serious film movement starting in 1999. Pedophile united associate. Here’ s five things you get ONLY with kino, and not through words or body. But now most harassing cases targeted on school girls or some women without social experience.

Audio: " Screening Game: How to Screen and Filter Girls Out Instead of Being Rejected" This is a super important post if you are still having trouble hitting on hot girls or have issues with ' rejection'. Kino escalation is probably the single most important aspect of game. It is about forming loving, intimate relationships with women.

Are you looking for a guide to the top adult cam sites? Within the conversation, ask for her hand “ Let me see your hand” as a first kino step compliance test. Socialkenny PUA' s Favorite Seduction Terms • # Close: Getting a girl' s phone #. Madeleine Davies. Pickup artists ( PUA), self- identified as seduction community, or pickup community, is a movement of men whose goal is seduction and sexual success with women. But that doesn’ t mean it’ s not important.

Kino for Cowards - Easier Escalation ( self. How To Attract Women Mark Manson will be the best items brought out this full week. Three Basic Guidelines for Kino 1) How comfortable the girl is with being kino' d DEPENDS 98% on YOU and how comfortable YOU are with it.

" or all 3 - you probably. PUA Japan Difference Number 1. I know there’ s not a lot out there about kino. See Kinaesthetics for more details. Pua kino guide.

Check out this month' s featured video from Gambler at PUATraining. Part Two defines WHAT kino is. Pua kino guide. Final kino steps involves naturally rolling off ( a physical takeaway) to create social proof. KINO is the act or the art of physical contact or touching. PART ONE: Why Kino is a MUST.

Seduction) submitted 5 years ago * by [ deleted]. LJBF - " Let’ s Just Be Friends", also know as " the treatment". It’ s Weird Going Up To A Random Chick and Hitting on Her!
5 Best Pua Openers. Jun 03, · But the “ I’ m not being sexual honest” stance can be risky. PUA In- Field - Trolling Whole. Touching her: her hands, shoulders etc. When you see a girl you want to get to know you approach her or her group. A “ cultured patrician” is one who only watches kino— “ the most obscure foreign films you can find, ” as it was put in — while “ film is for plebs and movies or flicks are just laughable. A touch is a powerful tool which can generate strong uncontrollable feelings in a woman for you but if done wrong it can make you come across as creepy. So the way you open a girl in a club would be different to how you would open her in the street. You Want To Get Good, But Here is the Problem: PUA is Full of Weird People and Costly Rip- Off Bootcamps.

In this book, specific routines or scripts have been made focusing on the most common scenarios facing the PUAs. Learn how to turn a woman on REALLY fast with these proven kino escalation tips. Before continuing with this article, I’ d advise you to re- read that one, because it contains fundamentals which you absolutely must understand before trying to apply this material.

And any kino escalation seems to need smooth non- kino escalation to go anywhere. This site provides a condensed guide to the art of seduction – also known as the game. Kino Escalation - Guide To Getting Physical With Women. Pua kino guide. It is also one of the biggest sticking points aspiring PUAs trip over. Welcome to The PUA School.

The game is not about getting laid. When you meet a woman you need to establish touch as fast as possible or she’ ll loose interest. The problem with looking for other wings on PUA forums and lairs is that 99% of guys are weird and terrible and are likely to turn you into a creeper. Pua kino guide.
If you’ ve read our earlier article on kino, you know it’ s one of the most important aspects of game. Use each technique based on the situation you are in. Western Game Idea:.

Proper kino escalation begins with the very first stages of a set, and it – obviously – continues and builds slowly all through the set, culminating in sex and even post- coital behavior. Slightly ironic, given the purpose of Formal kino. Kino is one of the most powerful nonverbal ways of communicating with a woman, and as such, is one of the key tools in the PUA’ s toolbox. If you' ve met me, read " Get Laid or Get Lost, " read " Help! The book is completely free and it also comes with a one hour long audio class on how to use PUA Openers.