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Mini one buying guide

You buy this thing, you' re basically driving the bus. Here' s what you need to know before you get one. But heard some storyies about them having problems with there gear boxes, Is.

Jul 29, · Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Mini Cooper S The first- generation of the new Mini Cooper, or R53, is a hilariously fun hot hatch. More than ever, it feels like a small, front- wheel driver Bimmer inside and out. Mini one buying guide. May 14, · I thinking of buying a Mini one, Most people I have spoke to have said they are great. It rides on a new platform that will underpin several BMW and Mini models, and it uses all- BMW turbocharged engines for the first time. So clearly, minivans aren' t so mini anymore.
This guy is about 202 inches long. Buying Guide : MINI. Mini Cooper: The Ultimate Buyer' s Guide. It' s a 15- inch difference. During that time, BMW had dropped Land Rover, MG and Rover from its portfolio of British marques, selling the former to Ford, and leaving the latter two to fend for themselves under the auspices of a home- grown management consortium known as Phoenix.

Up front, there' s just a few changes here and there, a little more bright work, a little more chrome, headlights are different.