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Harvest moon magical melody marriage guide

This game is the first console Harvest Moon game that allows you to choose your gender. Harvest moon magical melody marriage guide. Aug 23, · If you marry your rival in Magical Melody, you will recieve this secret ending. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. Once you have your eyes set on that special somebody, you will have to meet the requirements in order to get married. > Table of ContentsSection 0.

Advertisement 5 Reasons Why the Next- Gen Will Suck ; Top 7 Shockers of ( So Far). Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Marriage FAQ/ guide X X X X X X X X X X X XXXX X XXX X X XXX X X XXXXX X X X X XX X X X X X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X X X XX X X X X. You also need to have the person at 8 or more hearts, have at least 30 notes, and have climbed up Mt. This is a very difficult way to clear the game, because fulfilling the normal marriage requirements alone will not work. To get the Blue Feather ( proposal item), you must have at least 30 Musical Notes, get a level 3 home from Woody, and get a double bed from Woody. Moon to collect the Blue Feather.
Harvest moon magical melody marriage guide. For Harvest Moon: Magical Melody on the GameCube, Friendship/ Dating FAQ by ANBUKitsune. While the feature was first introduced in Harvest Moon GB,. Com Please feel free. ~ Magical Melody ~ Friendship and Dating Guide version 1. Marriage to Eve in Harvest Moon Magical Melody. Magical Melody brings back characters from the Super Nintendo and Save The Homeland games, as well as a few new people. 2 - Version History Section 1.

1 – Disclaimer/ Game Information 0. Besides Yasuhiro Wada, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is the first entry without the involvement of the main developers from Victor Interactive Software. Read the Help Files to find out how. You will get it from Mayor Theodore, and will.

0 – Character Biographies 1. Skip navigation Sign in. There are also a variety of different potential spouses for each gender. The game has two main objectives: to wake the Harvest Goddess and to marry one of the townspeople.

Before you can get married you need to have upgraded your house to Level 3 and purchased a double bed ( any style will do). Mar 28, · You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too! 0 – FAQ Introduction 0. 1 – Character Likes & Dislikes. Like many Harvest Moon games, Magical Melody has marriage available as a feature. This video is unavailable.

Jan 23, · Marriage to Eve in Harvest Moon Magical Melody. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Courtship and Marriage FAQ IGN FAQ Magical Melody- Courtship and Marriage guide Cuddlybear. Boy Version Wives.

Each gender has up to 10 possible marriage candidates, plus the ambiguous- gender character Jamie, who will be the opposite gender of the character you play as.