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Guide curves solidworks loft

The loft stops at the end of the smallest guide curve. On the opposite side of the part where it does not directly touch the guide curve it is influenced by both but carries more weight to the guide curve it is closer to. Topics include: 3D Sketching, Curve Creation, Advanced Fillets, Advanced. Aug 28, · The loft feature is an important tool for surface modeling.
Guide curves can be longer than the resulting loft. Learn 3D CAD modeling using SOLIDWORKS - [ Narrator] As you can see from the first loft movie that the loft command is pretty powerful but you need a little bit of work to set it up. Sketch one or more guide curves. Guide curves solidworks loft. Search ' Recommendations for Lofts with Guide Curves' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Add relations between the profiles and guide curves: Pierce relations between the guide curves and vertices, user- defined sketch points, or both, on the profiles. Consider the following when creating lofts with guide curves. The loft feature creates a shape by making transitions between multiple profiles and guide curves. I got two similar profiles parallel to each other with same amount of corners and some spline.

Sketch the remaining profiles needed to create the loft. Inside the attachment you can find my most recent attempt to figure it out but i still have no idea about whats wrong with it. In the case of the face that borders both guide curves the two curves are blended in to each other. Add a Pierce relation between the guide curves and an edge or vertex on the non- planar face. Nov 21, · This course provides you with a comprehensive look at the features and options for advanced part design in SOLIDWORKS. Dec 12, · Hello all, I' m still trying to get better with the loft feature, half the time i try to use some curves to guide the loft feature i do something wrong and the feature fails. This tool is very valuable. The guide curves influence the shape of the exterior loft faces that they border.