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Eve supercarrier ratting guide

As with most things in Eve, learning from people is much better than reading an article. I' m primarily a supercarrier pilot these days but it wasn' t too long ago that I was in a regular old carrier. Critically, the guide should also list the " trigger" for each wave. Hunting rats is a popular activity for pilots who want more fun and profit, especially in low- sec and null- sec space, where the rats tend to grow to unusual size ( and therefore, are.

An indispensable tool in WH ratting is a guide that lists the incoming DPS, EWAR, and EHP of the ships that are in each wave. Jun 20, · If only someone could predict crazy supercarrier ratting 3 years ago CCP announced a nerf for fighters ( the weapons of supercarriers and attack carriers in EVE Online) based on the data that about 1/ 4 of the ratting was done by 1. Much like in K- space, WH ratting in anomalies comes in waves, with a series of rats spawning instantly in the site after a " trigger" is killed.

But I' m only making about half per tick of what I was making with 2 carriers. Everything in Eve revolves around it, particularly the economy. May 01, · The quick and dirty carrier ratting guide This guide assumes you know how the 3 abilities work of the fighter squadrons. Apr 14, · For the rest of this guide only combat anomalies will be considered, since these are the ones used for ratting. Dec 16, · I only play Eve about 10 hours a week. Get them to help guide your path.

The core focus of a ratting carrier is your drone skills. Up until now I' ve been using two carriers with sentries. Jan 19, · Eve Online Supercarrier Guide: Part 1 Arcana Noctis Offical. Nov 10, · EVE Forums » EVE Gameplay Center » Ships & Modules » Null Anom Carrier Ratting Guide/ Tips/ Fits. Many ( myself partially included) find PvE boring and repetitive. The only way to tell how difficult they are is by using third party info- sites, like Eve University’ s combat anomaly overview:. Eve Minions is recruiting. Sep 17, · Smartbomb Ratting: Your guide to a high investment, high payoff activity Kojaimea Sakamoto. Fighters seem pretty good.

Oct 03, · I' ve recently purchased a super for the purpose of ratting. Low Sec Belt Ratting Tutorial- Fast ISK with low risk! Let me know if you' d like to expand your guide for supercarrier ratting. The Imperium’ s FC- 4- ISK program, as helpful as it is and as much as I love it, doesn’ t fully pay for my account, let alone a super. I can give some pointers on that as well. Eve supercarrier ratting guide.

All combat anomalies have a difficulty level, that is not visible in the probe scanner window. Topic is locked indefinitely. Fit: basic fit - 4 Fighter support units in the high ( can fit a number 5 but a Networked Sensor Array is better). EVE Online Tutorial: A New Player Guide; Get Moving In The Right Direction! 1 2 Next page Null Anom Carrier Ratting Guide/ Tips/ Fits. When I moved to Delve, I left my ratting Tengu behind in Deklein, trapped in the soon- to- be asset safety- able TXME station.

Eve supercarrier ratting guide. Ratting 101 New Eden is full of ( non- player) pirates - more generally known as " rats" to capsuleers. On Sep 17, Share Tweet Eve has one focus, war. ISK is both forever elusive and at the same time so easy to find. 4% of the players, using supercarriers and another 1/ 4 by 5% of the players using carriers. Mar 09, · No problem.

You can see how this was becoming a problem. Author Previous Topic Next Topic:. So it seems FB' s are pointless for ratting, they don' t seem to do much. Jan 29, · Ratting Carrier— The fabled ratting carrier has the potential to earn huge amounts of ISK in relative security, depending on the kind of space you live in.