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Coh 2 performance guide

COH2 Performance Guide Introduction: COH2 is a demanding game. Step 2: Look for Company of heroes 2 folder, then open configuration_ system in notepad. This post will usually have the most recent edits/ additions though since I can edit it directly. System Performance Guide for COH2 ( Update) By Cyanara.
Dec 09, · This is a guide to help COH players get the most out of their computer when dealing with this game' s significant performance problems and issues. Step 3: Edit configuration_ system file. While a 660ti should rly capable of getting a decent framerate in coh2, i just cant, since the game is poorly optimized and wont use the hardware to its full potential. Company of Heroes 2 should be at the top of the list with the most CPU usage at any given point. With Classic Shell installed, I. The following guide will show you exactly how to do that. 0 engine has a mess load of. Sep 14, · Yeah, Windows 8 has a lot of UI decisions that I find infuriatingly unusable, but the underlying OS is a nicely refined version of Windows 7. Feb 05, · Edit: The guide is now an official COH2. Editing the configuration_ system file is very simple, for example:. Org guide with a clickable index.

Custom optimization for Coh2 is very easy to do. Jul 03, · Company of Heroes 2 takes advantage of DirectX 11 but also supports DirectX 9, and Relic' s proprietary Essence 3. Coh 2 performance guide.
If something else is overtaking it, you definitely should close the competing program down. Step 1: Go to your Start menu, click File Explorer, then go to Documents: My Games. Jan 17, · Mid and high actually isnt doin good in coh2, since it doesnt smooth out the enviroment and having a rly big hit on performance.
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