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Change your area with google local guides

Once you perform the search in Google Maps, look again at the URL and you’ ll. Jun 21, · Begin by becoming familiar with the Google Local Guides recommendations for your area. Become a Local Guide and share your world on Google Maps. You can unsubscribe from one or all email types ( e. You might find that there are consistent and reliable Google Local Guides contributors in your area.

Change your email preferences. Community of explorers like you, and help local businesses improve their products and services. In Google Maps search for the city and state of the location you’ d like to get local search results. Reviews, edits, or photos marked private by Google are in violation of our policies and are visible only to you.

Change your area with google local guides. We need to get the latitude and longitude for the location you’ d like to search from. Local Guides Level 4 and above receive the badge in Google Maps as a perk. Through Local Guides, an official Google program, you can share your firsthand local experiences, celebrate places near and far from home, connect with a global. Consider the type of travelers who are posting on your Local Guide page.

Become a contributor for your own community. Google’ s mission is to organize the world’ s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Private reviews, edits, or photos do not count toward your Local Guides level. , the newsletter) without affecting others ( e. It may take up to 7 days for your email preferences to be implemented.
People like you make it easier to discover local places. To manage your email preferences, visit the Local Guides settings page. Get recognized as you earn more points.