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California probate practice guide

When someone dies, the money and property which makes up their estate will be distributed to their heirs. This guide is designed to assist those with experience in probate matters and their staff, as well as those who may have no previous experience. Apr 06, ยท 7 Steps of the California Probate Process [ UPDATED ] April 6, Probate. This revision covers all basic. Providing expert guidance through the probate process, The Rutter Group' s California Practice Guide: Probate covers premortem planning to opening a probate through creditor claims, distributions, and discharge. Why do I need guidance when administering a trust or estate?

Usually, for those assets to be properly distributed, the estate must go through the probate process. Once again, the California Probate Referees' Association is pleased to present a new edition of the Probate Referee Guide. An experienced California probate and trust administration attorney can guide you through the process of administering the estate or trust of your loved one. Fortunately, our free guide provides an easy- to- understand overview of the California estate administration process. California probate practice guide. It thoroughly treats nonprobate alternatives, spousal set- asides, and estate and fiduciary income taxes, and extensively discusses will contests and other probate litigation.

Focusing on essential law and procedure, California Probate Practice keeps you up- to- date on important changes in the California Probate Code, offers counsel on ethical issues, and takes you through the complex probate procedures with a wealth of time- saving checklists and practice tips.